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China, if mentioned, is still a little bit complicated to anybody who has full of non-Chinese culture. China is one of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries, which are labeled as the high economic growth regions all over the world. European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Brazil have been the top trade partners for last decade. Especially, the IT field is the very important part for huge China market. You should care about China as followings:


1, The economic growth rate of China will be keeping at average 9% in the future decade.

The economic growth rate of China has been at average 9% annually for last two decades, which is three times rates of the economic growth of the developed countries, but the China’s economy will keep this growth rate at least twenty years. The main reason is that the economy of China is in the course of urbanization, internationalization, industrialization and marketalization. More than half of population in China will give up the rural village life style and embrace the urban life style. It means that at least 700 million Chinese will change its life style, such as eating, drinking, dressing, transporting, communicating, sheltering, etc. It indicates a large potential business opportunities for a foreign investor. 


2, China has built an extensive transportation network since 1980.

China has built an effective, extensive transportation network for last twenty years. China has 98000km railway, 9356 km high speed train, 87500 km highway, 152 airports. It is very easy for a passenger to travel from the North to the South, from the West to the East. Many high speed railway lines connecting Beijing with Tianjin, Beijing with Shanghai, Wuhan with Guangzhou, Zhengzhou with Xi’an, have been running since 2008.  Even Lasha, the capital of Tibet, is connected with other cities in China by a railway line. 

Especially, the direct airline between Australia and China cities like Melbourne to Chengdu ,Beijing is great for our business.



3,The favorite investment policies are still available in special economic development zone.    

In order to develop economy of the inland regions of China, the governments of China set up a series of favorite investment policies, ranging from taxation to land-using on these provinces. Encouraging foreign investment in the coast area is the first tier of opening door policy of China. After that, the government encouraged the foreign investors do business in the inland of China, such as Xi’an, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Heilongjiang, Jilin, etc.



4, Doing business and improving life quality are thinking by everybody in China

It is Mr. Deng Xiaoping who implemented the opening door policies to China, but it is he who planted the seed of initiative into the Chinese heart, which is stimulating the fast growth of the economy of China. Now the seed is blooming and growing, everyone not only enjoy the status of the economy, but also want improve and contribute to the economy sustainable. The energy and power of the economic growth in China not only rely on the favorite economic policies, but also burst out of the Chinese hot heart. The later will push the China’s economy grow up more healthy and more sustainable. For any investors, it means that the business in China will be more effective.



5, High educated work force in China is growing.

Every year, more than 6 million students graduated from the universities in China. Most of them are bilingualism--- Chinese and English. Most of Chinese students are learning English at the kindergarten, and English exam is a big subject in the Chinese education system, either for entrance to high school or admission to university. So for any foreign investors, language is not a problem for running the business in China. Whenever,you could see a lots of young Chinese students are studying in the top university around different country like US,UK ,Australia…….


6, China has a large market to develop.

Everyone knows that China has a large land and a large population. Literally, it does mean a large market. Economically, China has a large effective market for an investor to develop. For instance, China has 80 million vehicles including 30 million cars by 2008. The vehicle ownership number is growing by 30% yearly. So, the business relating the vehicle maintenance is a large market. Additionally, China has $3.4 trillion foreign reserve by the first quarter of 2012, and the total resident saving in bank system is 26 trillion Yuan (almost $4 trillion) by the end of 2009.


7, Green economy, green society and healthy life are the growing markets in China

The promoting policies for using clean energy are implemented across country. Especially, the government of China will support a clean tech project economically.Green and healthy are the hot topic in China now. Clean city, clean air, clean water are demanded in China. China has been named the third largest market all over the world by the World Bank. The government of China has invested billion dollars in the clean energy industry.


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